Because buying your Italian house
doesn't have to be complicated.

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Buying a house in your own country and conducting the purchase in your own language can often be a challenging experience.

When you are looking for a luxury property in a different country, where you may not be fully fluent in the language and not familiar with the buying procedure, then the potential obstacles might even be greater!

Italian Property Finder is here to make the experience efficient and pleasant! We aim to find the right Italian luxury property for you at the right price. We will then guide you smoothly through the entire buying process in a smooth and secure way. And throughout, you can rest assured that you’ll get impartial, expert advice to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Buying a luxury property in Italy

From Proposta di acquisto to Rogito, we’ll guide you every step of the way buying luxury property in Italy.

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Our approach

Italian Property Finder is a small, independent and privately owned buying agency where you’ll get impartial, expert advice.

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About us

We offer our clients a highly professional, personal, and friendly service where honesty and integrity are central to how we work.

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How do we work in practice?

First we will visit 15-20 properties, from which we make a long-list of 8-10 properties that we believe are in line with your requirements. Next we will discuss the long-list with you and ask you to narrow it down to a short-list of 3-6 properties. We will then visit them together with you during a 3-5 day viewing trip in Italy. During this trip we will present each property – along with its pros and cons – and give you a feeling of the Italian way of life.

Made your choice of property? ​

Together with our real estate lawyers, we will support you in every single step of the (complex!) process, right up to the moment you get the keys.In short, Italian Property Finder is your experienced partner to help you realize your Italian dream, stress-free!We are looking forward to working alongside you. Contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Why use Italian Property Finder?

Save time by visiting the right properties

Searching for property can eat up a lot of time – and unfortunately can also be frustrating and futile. That’s why it’s good to have an agent dedicated to the task, on a daily basis. Someone who, through experience, has a perfect idea of what is a fair price for luxury property. Someone who is continually searching the market and who can spot a golden opportunity when it arises. And of course you want an agent who will not waste your time showing you properties that will not work for you. Our clients repeatedly tell us that one of the great benefits of working with Italian Property Finder is the time saved when searching for a property in Italy.

Save money from expert negotiations

It may sound obvious, but it’s worth repeating. Selling agents in Italy generally act only on behalf of sellers. This means that your interests – as a buyer – won’t be first and foremost in their thoughts. One consequence of this is that you may end up paying over the odds for your property. At Italian Property Finder, we fight your corner! We will give you good, clear advice. We’ll share both the pros and the cons of a property. We won’t hide any hidden costs. Ultimately, the money you save through working with us will probably cover our fee – at least! 

Visit exclusive off-market properties

Are you aware that in Italy, many properties never reach the open market? Instead, they are “held back” and only marketed to a select number of agents – such as Italian Property Finder. This means that through our close relationships and networks with property professionals and estate agents, we have access to luxury properties you might never realize are on the market. In this way, we have found off-market properties for a number of clients. In some cases, no competitive bidding was required. Working with us ensures that you therefore have access to all on-market as well as off-market properties, which will significantly increase your chances of success.

Confidentiality and anonymity

At Italian Property Finder we are well aware that some clients prefer to keep details of their property search confidential. We understand the importance of discretion. We are happy to work under non-disclosure agreements if required, and will do all that it takes to keep your affairs private if required. A number of high-profile individuals and businesses have been fully satisfied with how we have respected their anonymity. 

"It was great working with Wim and his team. They previsited a large number of properties before presenting me their shortlist of properties for me to consider. They encouraged me to make a challenging (or should I say: crazy) bid on my favorite house and managed to close the deal for me. Great personal service throughout the entire project."

Everything you need to know about Italy and buying an Italian property

Buying a house in Italy is not something you do in the blink of an eye. Good preparation is invaluable for making a good purchase. That’s why we have bundled all our experience into a practical guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Buying Property in Italy,” packed with information and practical tips. Enjoy reading.