We offer our clients a very professional, personal, and friendly service where honesty and integrity are central to how we work

About us

Italian Property Finder is a small, independent buying agency, specialized in Italian real estate. As buying agents, we work completely independently from selling agents, who take care of the interests of sellers. Over the years we have helped many clients acquire properties in Italy.

Our clients use us because they realize – or have experienced – that searching for a property on their own can be a time-consuming, frustrating, stressful, and often futile experience. Instead, they choose us to search for them.

Why us? Often it’s because they have heard about the reputation of Italian Property Finder! That’s no surprise. Throughout the years we’ve helped many international clients realize their Italian dream. If that’s the case with you, then we will do our best to live up to your expectations. We believe that over the years we have repeatedly proved that we have the market insights, the legal know-how, and the experience in negotiations to find and secure the right property for our clients at the right price.

We will then guide you through the entire buying process in a smooth and secure way. In fact we will support you in every single step of the process, from finding the right property all the way to the notary act. We understand that our clients want to focus on enjoying their Italian dream and want to rely on an experienced partner to help them realize it.

Meet the team

We offer our clients a highly professional, personal, and friendly service where honesty and integrity are central to how we work.

Wim Peeters

Wim combines his passion for real estate with a deep love for Italy and the Italian way of living. Before founding Italian Property Finder, Wim worked for 20 years in a B2B environment as a Partner of a global privately held company. He is now a certified real estate agent. As a keynote speaker, Wim is known for his enthusiasm and knowledge about Italian real estate. Within Italian Property Finder, Wim focuses on creating an ultimate customer experience for every client throughout the entire process of buying a home in Italy.


Carlo Rossi

Carlo Umberto Rossi is a senior partner and founder of Rossi & Rossi Law Firm. He graduated from the University of Perugia with a degree in Public International Law in 1990. Before qualifying as an Italian solicitor, he began his career with an international law firm based in Frankfurt (Germany) and rose to the position of sharing partner. During the first years of his career he also worked as a Magistrate Judge at the State Attorney’s office of the Court of Florence.

In 2000, along with other colleagues, he co-founded the Rossi & Rossi Law Firm and throughout the last decade the practice of the firm has considerably flourished in Italy and abroad. His specialized domain of expertise is in legal matters involving real estate transactions, commercial and corporate law in Italy, corporate law, litigation and inheritance law.


"Thank you for helping us acquire the perfect Italian holiday house. As we didn't have the time to scan the market, we do appreciate the search you performed for us.You found us the right place for the right price. A great service, thank you."